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I’m looking for a job

I was a social media intern as early as 2009 (Facebook got huge in 2006). When I was taking my journalism degree, many of my reports were about social media: The convergence of media in journalism and how Twitter was impacting the industry, What Google+ was going to be about (they were undecided then and still undecided now) and whether it was going to succeed (no), and how our rhetoric has changed in this age of social media (lol). I then used social media to get an internship, and after said internship, I joined a social media agency.

I don’t know what you think, but I think that’s a lot of social media.

It’s great to be an ‘expert’ in a specific area, but I believe that it’s important to diversify our skill set – in the early stages of our careers and even after – so that we do not fall in too deep in our specialisation that we bury ourselves in a dark pit, hiding from anything else outside our little world. It’s why people travel right? To learn and to experience other cultures and lifestyles, it helps us appreciate what we have and to help us aim for better.

Some people have lost sight of what the right thing is for their clients because they haven’t considered other solutions. It’s normal for traditional agencies to suggest advertising on traditional media, it’s normal for social agencies to suggest activity on social platforms.

I’m a big fan of social media. Trust me. I love how I’m able to get help from my friends and family to get an internship, I love that I can spread the word about of issues that bother me, and I love that I can get recommendations on a good tailor. I also particularly enjoy getting updated on the lives of others, especially if they are my boyfriend’s psychotic ex-girlfriend (no link there, sorry).

But I’ve learnt that social media isn’t always the right answer for brands and products, and it has always been very limiting. Social has to be integrated for it to work, just as ideas have to be intrinsically social to be effective. Even if the clients’ budgets don’t care about integration and social media budgets are usually always separate when it should be an ingrained cost in all marketing efforts.

So I’m not looking for a job in ‘social media’. I’m looking for a job to help brands become more human.

Update (15 Aug): I am no longer looking!


The option to get married

Everybody seems to have something to say about the same-sex marriage ruling. And although I’ve been on that side of the boat before (I’m an equal opportunities player), I’ve never gotten so far that the inability to get married was a problem. It was always just acceptance, and this I’m sure even with the ruling will continue to be an issue.

I don’t appreciate that you have to be either for or against ‘marriage’ between same-sex couples. I am neither. Just like how I’m neither ‘for’ or ‘against’ marriage between heterosexuals.

So I will not pick a side – I’d like to sit here on this fence. Marriage has not worked for some heterosexuals, and I can imagine it might not work for the LGBTQXYZ group either. But if we were to believe in equality, and if we believe independent individuals exist (gay or not), then we’d watch and see if same sex marriages have the same successes and failures..and I’m really interested to find out.

My Facebook feed seems to be filled with people on one side or the other. My stand has always be that if someone supports it, that’s cool and if someone doesn’t, that’s cool too. We all have our reasons and no amount of debating on Facebook will change anyone’s mind – it’ll only emphasize your own narrow-mindedness to be unable to accept the other’s opinion.

But a majority of my feed seems to be supporters of the marriage debate and it’s feels a bit like peer pressure is sinking in and you’re deemed a narrow-minded, religious person if you don’t support gay marriage. Some people appreciate the option to get married (even if they might not choose to do it). Some people cannot get behind the issue, leave them be. They have their right to their own beliefs as much as you do.


Songs to dream to

Since I’ve fixed up my Google account and have proper access to YouTube now, I thought I’d make use of its features. Now, this here is the kind of music I daydream to, and the kind of music I’d love to die to. ‘Songs to die to’ was the title of this post until I realised there might be people who might paint a depressing and morbid picture of me.

To elaborate on how un-morbid and un-depressed I am and paint the dream-like sequence that goes through my head when I picture death, I’ll refer you to the ending scene of one of my favourite movies. More dreamy than gruesome, and completely unrealistic.

In any case, Sigur Ros’ Hoppípolla at the top of the list of songs I would love to go to sleep with forever. If I ever meet with an untimely death, I trust you know what to do.


Killing my Google+ accounts

I hate Google+. I hate it and all the limitations that come with it. And its limitations are why it can boast about its numbers but it can’t actually make a dent in the social networking space.

How many Gmail accounts does one person have? I’m willing to bet it’s more than two, and that’s not including work email accounts that are tied to Gmail.

I have three that I’m juggling. And according to Google, I’d have to create three separate Google+ accounts for the three emails that I have and I have to keep logging in and out of my separate accounts to access different Google products all the time.

Commenting on or liking a YouTube video is the worst when you realise you’re using your work account and you have to then switch to your personal account. I’ve stopped interacting with YouTube and using its liking, subscribing, and playlist features because of the hassle.

So I spent a few hours today messing around on Google+ and deleting things on the account without actually deleting the account. I had to jump through hoops in Picasa to delete my profile photo, but I’m so glad I can add a nickname to this account so that it’s evidently not in use.

Good Riddance

Good Riddance.

Come up with a better plan please, Google. I actually like some of your products.


What do you do?

If there was one question I’m self-conscious about, this is it. I’m not sure why, but working on social media strategies and social media content sometimes feels frivolous when a majority of people seem to think all I do is just play around on Facebook. That’s not true.

I play around with Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr too.



I have a 14-year old account that’s active and alive – with a username I created when I was twelve, so that says something about the kind of username it was.

I remember lots of time spent on learning HTML to fill this space, which was probably the most productive thing I’ve gotten out of Neopets.

Neopets Shop

The rest of the time was spent earning Neopoints by buying/selling things in the shop, completing Faerie quests, playing games, aiming for high scores and collecting avatars.

I rediscovered it awhile back and got more active when I joined a guild and made friends on the site to distract myself from my studies in uni…because I was already doing so well in school and I wanted to cut my fellow students a break.


So to learn that there is a possibility that Neopets might finally be shutting down or getting some really drastic change after all those years is pretty sad. But it’s likely it might be a change for the better so I’m hoping that’s what’s happening! So much nostalgia on there that it’s probably equivalent to what Pokemon means to me haha.


Why not

I’ve always wondered how people who call themselves bloggers maintain their ability to write and get excited about their daily lives at such a constant rate. It seems such a chore to talk about your life as if you were dressed by little bluebirds every day or as if you always had an opinion on everything.

Taking endless streams of photos of your own life that you’ll have to upload everyday? I admire the discipline, but I’d never be comfortable with that.

Especially if the thought was to present myself a certain way to quench someone else’s curiosity with a pretty picture of my life. Too tiring.

But then I remember that it is considered a job for those people, and if that were my job, I think I’d probably kick ass at it with my own endless stream of photos and chirpiness and opinions. What a way to live.

It’s a romantic thought to read the diaries that were never really meant for anyone else to read though. I started reading Sylvia Plath’s unabridged journal a few years ago and it made me dive right down into a deep depression that I had to pull myself out of by stopping. An ‘irresistable fascination’ is what Maria Popova calls it and I can relate.

Let’s try to write for ourselves this year. And maybe about the regular day-to-day things instead of just the ones that make me feel introspective and reflective!


My response to an angry teenager’s rant

Link to said teenager’s YouTube video

I hardly ever write comments on videos – and even lesser on videos I can’t finish watching but this is incredible. I cannot believe how deluded and hypocritical you are. If Singapore is lacking in originality, you have the chance to be the original one, you have the chance to be a creative Singaporean, to put us on the map. Instead, you choose to shoot your mouth on how the country’s education system is a problem. If you think it’s a problem, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Take lessons and harvest your choice of interest and passion. Anthony Chen did that. He didn’t sit and whine about how hard it was to be a filmmaker in Singapore, he went out and became it. What are YOU doing about it? Complaining. Good job, you! You’re definitely not Singaporean then! One of a kind!

Living in Australia is not as breezy as you think. You think you can just grab a cab out there in Oz when it’s late at night and walk along the streets of Melbourne or Sydney alone on a Saturday night? Cabs are considered a luxury in some places, and so is safety. Open your mind and don’t be so narrow.

That’s all I got from your video because I couldn’t bring myself to hear you talk about what you don’t know.


The Rise of the Blogger


Being a blogger is hard work. It’s basic, but blogging requires skills too. A well-rounded blogger knows that skills in business, journalism, photography and some fashion sense will go far in this cut-throat industry. This 10-day course consists of the following topics:

Journalism: This is the story of your life after all. Let’s be real, you need to be able to write well and at least craft a story about your life so that people will be entertained and inspired by it. Developing a personality is crucial in becoming a blogger, but if that’s difficult, you will learn to fake one. Aim for chirpy, optimistic personalities like Galadarling for best effect.

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