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Begin again

Two years is not a long time – not in the grand scheme of things. But when I first started work at We Are Social, that felt like a reasonable amount of time to stay. So you can imagine how surprised I was when two good years passed by and I realised I had no pressing need to leave. Still, as the months went by I realised I needed a change of pace. Things had changed, or maybe it was because some things hadn’t changed for me and I really needed to get out and start again. Afresh, anew, again.

Someone once told me that if you want to find joy, do what you love. And it was precisely this that I joined the company, it was this that made me stay for a good two and a half years, and it was also because of this that I eventually decided to leave the best first job anyone can ask for. I’m not exaggerating.

I met people I love here; the best kind of people. The ones who’d keep pushing you to be better, the ones who’d be there when you’d trip, then tell you how much they believed in you so they’d fall right alongside, then lift you up and dust the dirt off your jeans. The ones who you’d call family.

And of course, it’s time to move out of the family home for a new adventure.



The Nuj

You, who can read my mind, the situation at hand and somehow get us both to paddle our way ashore. You, who I’ve learnt so much from and who I’ve learnt so much with. I don’t think any other person’s departure would make this much of an impact on my life. Just you.

That is, of all the people who could be leaving, I think you leaving is the worst. THE WORST. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you. Thinking about it makes me all kinds of emotional.

Our adventures at work, the battles we’ve chosen and the things we’ve stood up for.. all for the sake of doing the right thing. Everything we’ve done together because there was no one we held on to each other to keep ourselves afloat.

But that’s why I know we’ll survive. Because even though we’re not working on the same projects at work and we’re not in the same timezone…we’re still looking to achieve the same things and we’ve got our own little pet project. And I know we’ll always be a click or a dial away.

There’s a mandarin saying that goes “有福同享,有难同当” that kinda means to share our happiness and difficulties together. I guess it helps to lighten the load and keep our heads in check.

Thanks for being that for me.

I’ll miss you.


I love my friends

“So…we’re having the failure party!”

– Eugenie (when I told her that I failed my driving test again)


Growing up is never easy

I miss you guys. Why does everyone have to be so far away?
You guys have all your own things, school or NS or whatever.
I have nothing. Work is good, it’s good for my resume, good for experience. But i’m so lonely there. The things i do reminds me of school and of our projects except you guys aren’t there with me. I miss school. I want us all together, laughing joking and if we’re sad at least we know we have each other. Now whenever I’m sad, I’m sad alone.
Being alone sucks.
I miss everyone. 🙁