In 2019, we got a flat!
In 2020, we expected to be picking dates, shortlisting guests, and kicking off our shoes with a dance party.

TOO Easy, I expected too little. 2020 is EVEN MORE AMAZING.

I get to have a legitimate excuse for “When is the wedding/housewarming?”

In 2019, LCube was fully funded and free for schools!
In 2020, I expected to see Clif lugging his game materials and getting a headache from prepubescent screaming.

NO WAY. Instead I get to watch Clif pick up a new skill and learn 3D modeling.. then proceed to create a new platform for teachers who want to create augmented reality content without coding skills, for free.

In 2019, I built a routine teaching schedule!
Err.. In 2020, I expected to carry on.

BUT THAT’S TOO LOW TECH. Instead I get to learn to be more comfortable talking and teaching Pilates to students through a computer. And I get to dedicate more time to my parents’ business.

And we’re only in April?! So much has happened!!

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