Picking and Packing

I’ve been trying to clear my wardrobe in preparation of the big move out. Decided not to do two built ins because of my indecisiveness and inability to commit that extra space in the study so C and I only have ONE built in wardrobe between us in the master bedroom AND it’s smaller than my current wardrobe.

The plan is to buy one off the shelf if we need it – ideally we won’t – IF I am successful at whittling down my clothes. I have very little confidence that I will be able to do this but I just can’t commit to the second wardrobe until we move in and unpack. Perhaps a chest of drawers will do? Let’s see.

Eh how come it’s so hard to get rid of clothes?! I’ve even had Marie Kondo on Netflix to get myself in the mood but even after getting rid of two full bags, my wardrobe still looks pretty much the same leh.

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