Digital locks from Zansan

Omg finally installing our digital gate lock.

But holy shit.





I feel really bad for my neighbours who are at home in the day. Really hope none of them have babies.

It’s been a painful process but I’m so glad it’s just freaking over now and we managed to get this digital lock installed!

Got the locks from Darius from Zansan, who was kind and helped answer all my questions when we were deciding on how to fix the panel on our gate.

We got the Schlage-S510 for both the gate and the door after looking at so many others.

Schlage is apparently the leading lock brand in USA, but the lock itself is made in Korea.

My only requirement was that it had fingerprint access because I don’t want to have to hide while typing in a number code every single time I went home.

The Schlage 510 for the gate and door had:

✅Fingerprint access

✅RFID (card) access

✅Pin codes

And it was a bonus that their access card unlocks both gate and door at the same time and it’s voice guided so it’s easy to set up. Also, it looks pretty sleek in black and is short and slim unlike some others I had seen (Samsung).

It’s now $999 on Lazada but we managed to get it at COMEX at a promotional price of $899 🥰

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