Thieves! Criminals! …Dad?

Sometimes we get requests for old newspapers, books, electronics and clothes for donation and fundraising purposes in our flat and because I’m moving out of my parents’ and into my future home, I’m actively finding ways to get rid of stuff.

So when I saw that my mother had left old newspapers outside, I decided to toss some old clothes into a large lululemon bag and a laundry bag at my door to contribute to this donation.

When I got out of the house I realized that the lululemon bag of old clothes was gone but everything else was still sitting there.

What the heck?! Did someone just take the lululemon bag of clothes that I wanted to donate?!

Omg I was so annoyed. But I was a bit confused at my annoyance because what if they really would benefit from my old clothes? But it’s not right man! I felt cheated for the people I was donating to.

I texted everyone I could complain and fuss to.

Then I decided to check with my dad if he took it.

He did.

He took it to see if his employees would want them.


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