Wow I had no idea this can be lifted up. Is it because they haven’t turned on the gas yet? The gas installer came by and tried to open the section above the oven but when it refused to budge, he just lifted up the stove. 😳 Haha

Also, this is the first time I’m directly posting on WordPress on mobile! Decided I would port all my content and journaling from Dayre to here now that Dayre is charging platform subscription fees.

I will miss having an active community of homeowners and girls but 3.50 a month is really damn chor. And now that I’ve developed a habit of journaling, I’d really like to continue – without paying $42 a year for it!!

Will have to pay for the first month though since I haven’t actually finished transferring my content.

I’ve been hanging out at the house since this morning waiting for different groups of people to come and work on the remaining bits of the house.

The washing machine and dishwasher installers, citygas installer, my own contractor and his men, and now I’m waiting for our dining table delivery from Castlery and the pest management guys.

We decided to do an ULV misting throughout the house to make sure there aren’t any bugs that have moved in, and hopefully prevent any future issues with pests. 🤞🏼I hope to keep the cockroaches to a minimum. But the pest management people came by and told me that I should do the treatment a few days before I move in proper rather than now when there is still movement around the house. Okaaay.

I’m so tired of standing on my feet but there isn’t a lot of space for me to sit in the house and its all dusty again from all the rectification works. Castlery delivery is late!! They’ve got to be here by 5pm because I’ve got to leave for a 6pm PT.

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