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June 2019


Born to move

We learnt to flip from our backs to our stomachs and back again.
To crawl. Then, to walk.
To fall and to get back up.
To run and hop and skip and jump.
And then it never crossed our minds again.
Movement became a part of life.
We did it without thinking.

And somewhere in school we became more advanced;
we took sports and competed
or we danced and performed.
There were springs beneath our feet,
our bodies light, our eyes bright.

Our brains calculated, analyzed,
remembered and memorized.
But somewhere in between,
our bodies forgot.

Like the batteries of the toys we no longer touched,
the springs in our feet became stiff,
the muscles in our back became rounded and hunched.
To get ahead in life?
Is that why our heads are now in front of our bodies?

I’ve only started teaching Pilates for two years now,
But I’ve seen so many different bodies come through
Some flexible, some tight, some strong, some weak.
Some big, some small, some old, some young.

All of the bodies I’ve seen tell me the same thing:
When we were young, we learnt how to move.
We fidgeted and ran and jumped and pranced.
Who was it that told us to stop?