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May 15, 2019


Building a home is most important

Today, I’m standing on the side of tiles. Tiles, soundproofed windows, and everything I initially wanted anyway.

Going through the #dayrehome blogs, I’m realizing that when they didn’t get what they initially wanted, most of them regretted it and where possible, got their ID or contractor back to fix it. That’s possible with a cabinet or any carpentry.. but not in my case. Not with flooring.

Have also seen that as much as vinyl has improved these days, there are still inadvertent problems.

I don’t want to regret anything.

I’m okay with vinyl for the study or the bedroom or storeroom. But the living room, kitchen and entrance will have to be tiled for sure then. Where the flooring has to tahan more movements.

We managed to get 70k in government grants (40k first time buyer, 30k proximity grant). If our total works and furniture cost us $100k.. our total would still be significantly less than most of my peers in the long run.

$420k. Still less than the Kallang/Whampoa/Dakota BTO route. (Of course, with less years remaining, without the waiting time and a different sized unit so can’t really compare this way.)

Perhaps it’s not fair to compare. But that was why we decided on a 3 room in the first place. Our main objective when looking for a unit was its location. It had to be convenient and not ulu like Jurong, Yishun or Punggol. I’ve lived in Aljunied all my life and I love the convenience it affords me.

We looked at a unit in this block in the first place because of its locale. Even though that unit was damn cui, and noisy. It would’ve been possible to turn it into a home through a complete overhaul

We didn’t go through with that transaction in the end because the agent was an asshole (long story), but it was a blessing in disguise because then I prayed for a corner unit in the same block, and one was listed a while later. With recess area!

We jumped on it. So here we are.

I think we were less forgiving on this unit because it was less cui. But hacking the tiles and plastering the walls and all that cost the same whether super cui or less cui. Hahaha. I think we didn’t consider that.

Got to remember our initial objective and mission for this house. The house is most important.

We didn’t bother with planning a wedding, not even an ROM lunch. Nada. Zilch. We wanted a home. That’s why we’re even considering getting hitched in the first place.

I’m not a romantic. I don’t need to celebrate our love with a party. It’s just not my priority RIGHT NOW anyway.

Texted our potential ID that we’re going to loosen up our budget and we’re meeting her tonight. We are however, going to outsource some of the works and we hope they will still work with us on this.

✅Soundproof windows in balcony and study (outsourced)

✅Hack all the tiles (except toilet where we will overlay)

❓ Potentially keep 1-2 of the common bath walls but just re-grout if possible since we’re not using it that much anyway and it’s a simple grey?

✅ Tile entrance, living, kitchen floors

❓Potentially vinyl study, storeroom, and bedroom

I don’t foresee us walking or standing a lot in the bedroom or study since those spaces are very specific “sitting or lying down spaces” but let’s see! My wardrobe is there so technically there’s some movement involved.

❓In her quote I saw that there weren’t any top kitchen cabinets and I wonder if this is a good idea. Our kitchen isn’t big and I don’t know if I’d need more storage for our equipment.

It’s a lot clearer and easier now that we’ve decided to go ahead with building a home that we love and that will last without a second renovation job/without regrets. Just not to an unreasonable extent.

❓Quartz or Kompacplus?

❓Not sure if having the pantry so close to oven is a good thing. Won’t the heat kill my food items? But I don’t see anywhere else that will work in the layout. Let’s see if we can move either the oven/washing machine or the pantry.

If someone’s reading this I’m sorry.

Gotta keep these notes somewhere when I talk to the ID and it might as well be here.