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May 14, 2019


Today, while getting myself some homemade barley from the fridge: Why am I moving out again? 😧

Met cchew for lunch! She’s back for a few days and brought my lululemon loot with her from down under. (AUD is so freakin cheap right now!)

We had lunch at London Duck by Fei Siong because she hardly gets duck in Brisbane and I was impressed! Would definitely return if I feel like spending $12+ on duck noodles.

She bought me a lululemon backpack, a monogrammed pouch and 4 boxes of raspberries for my birthday 😭🥰

Told her about my reno woes and asked where she got her waste baskets. Lol.

I’m serious. I was in love with her bin when I visited her home but I didn’t manage to find it.

Until now. She bought hers from Japan’s rakuten for $30 each, and shipped it to oz. I found a similar one on Lazada!!

Look! Can we just take a moment to appreciate how simple it is?

Works with any plastic or paper bag with a handle

And you can even put two bags!

I’m sold. This is the one I’m getting for our living room, bedroom and study!

Heh. Now if only I can decide on the type of flooring..

Cchew told me that if the difference between tiles and vinyl was less than $10k, that I should just go with tiles.

Sounds good. Mama Chew always knows best. Hopefully the quote with tiles will be less than $10k then. 🤞🏼

Omg. I was reading Dayre on the train and I missed my MacPherson stop. Twice. TWICE!!

From Kent Ridge to MacPherson. I missed MacPherson. I dropped at Tai Seng. I took the opposite train, and I freakin missed it again and was at Bartley. What!

C: Chu not concentrating is it?

V: I am! I’m concentrating on reading other people’s reno blog!