Enough time

Time is what keeps everything from happening at once. – Ray Cummings

We are always saying that there isn’t enough time, that life is too short. Hardly anyone ever complains about life being too long, of having too much time.

But we are its creators. We decided to count the number of sunrises and sunsets and we invented watches, clocks, calendars to keep track.

Some people never get to see the next sunrise, some never get to see the next sunset. It’s only when we’re running out that we count and realise that we’ve seen too little, we regret and lament that we never got enough time, that we should’ve gotten more – Please, please god, why me?

We created time. And how much we get depends on us. My only hope is that I would never have to say that I don’t have enough time. There is enough, if we try harder to make our time count, because counting time doesn’t seem to make things better.

Found a version of this hiding in the depths of my old online journals dated 13 November 2009 and decided to make some tweaks.

Still very relevant. Especially now that I’m juggling a series of projects as well as my own daily activities – I very recently picked up longboarding! I’ve clocked about three hours on my new longboard so far the past week and things seem to be improving.

So grateful for the Pelton Canal Park Connector near my flat.

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