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I guess we can all agree that life is actually really boring if we don’t keep finding new things to try. This probably accounts for everyone’s dreams of becoming a world traveller, and Singaporean foodies’ never-ending hunt for good food and stuff.

This is probably somehow related to every girl’s habit of hoarding makeup and beauty products. We’re all just looking for new experiences, new products to try, and new lessons to learn. Even if that means spending $100 on a lotion, only to find out a month later that it’s not more satisfying than the $10 product we already have because – what about that newer $30 product we haven’t tried yet? Damn you, Sephora.

I realise typing this out now that this was a very long intro to what I really mean to say – which is that I’ve started my Pilates instructor training course!

I’m hoping to be able to keep up. Everyone’s just such quick learners I feel scared of being left behind. But what’s new about that?

I was terrified of taking the entrance test to the instructor training course, nervous about the movement anatomy classes, the matwork classes, the First Aid course, and scared out of my wits teaching my first Pilates class..

I’ve just gotten out of my comfort zone about twenty times ever since I’ve started the course, but I’m still alive and so glad I took the leap. I might be afraid of a lot of things, but holy fuck I swear that fear is not going to stop me.


I wasn’t planning on writing about it here, but I decided I should look at this page as something more than a reflective journal. So yes, that’s what’s new.

I was planning on taking the course last year before I joined DDB but the costs were a deterrent. Then when I left #agencylife, I guess I felt like it was something I really had to do for myself.

So I’m back being a ‘student’ now, and learning all about movement anatomy and the biomechanics of the body, which is really just terrifying since the terms scapula, humerus and femur were all just so incredibly foreign when I first started. Let’s not get into the names of the muscles, I’m just not there yet!

I’m really glad Pilates Bodytree / Bodytree Academy is this scientific though, I really feel that it makes all the difference that I’m actually learning about body science and it makes me feel like I could almost start a diploma in Physiotherapy.

I’ve had to take a First Aid certification for the course, and I’m now a believer that everyone should learn Basic First Aid. There are just so many people who die each year from blocked airways and heart attacks – and they could have been saved if the people around them had knowledge of CPR! Unbelievable.

I sat there in the First Aid class thinking about how lost I’d be if any of my family members were to collapse in front of me and all I could really do was call 995 and watch them turn blue because of my lack of knowledge. I feel powerful armed with the knowledge I have now. Hell yes, I’m a superhero.

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