The option to get married

Everybody seems to have something to say about the same-sex marriage ruling. And although I’ve been on that side of the boat before (I’m an equal opportunities player), I’ve never gotten so far that the inability to get married was a problem. It was always just acceptance, and this I’m sure even with the ruling will continue to be an issue.

I don’t appreciate that you have to be either for or against ‘marriage’ between same-sex couples. I am neither. Just like how I’m neither ‘for’ or ‘against’ marriage between heterosexuals.

So I will not pick a side – I’d like to sit here on this fence. Marriage has not worked for some heterosexuals, and I can imagine it might not work for the LGBTQXYZ group either. But if we were to believe in equality, and if we believe independent individuals exist (gay or not), then we’d watch and see if same sex marriages have the same successes and failures..and I’m really interested to find out.

My Facebook feed seems to be filled with people on one side or the other. My stand has always be that if someone supports it, that’s cool and if someone doesn’t, that’s cool too. We all have our reasons and no amount of debating on Facebook will change anyone’s mind – it’ll only emphasize your own narrow-mindedness to be unable to accept the other’s opinion.

But a majority of my feed seems to be supporters of the marriage debate and it’s feels a bit like peer pressure is sinking in and you’re deemed a narrow-minded, religious person if you don’t support gay marriage. Some people appreciate the option to get married (even if they might not choose to do it). Some people cannot get behind the issue, leave them be. They have their right to their own beliefs as much as you do.

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