Songs to dream to

Since I’ve fixed up my Google account and have proper access to YouTube now, I thought I’d make use of its features. Now, this here is the kind of music I daydream to, and the kind of music I’d love to die to. ‘Songs to die to’ was the title of this post until I realised there might be people who might paint a depressing and morbid picture of me.

To elaborate on how un-morbid and un-depressed I am and paint the dream-like sequence that goes through my head when I picture death, I’ll refer you to the ending scene of one of my favourite movies. More dreamy than gruesome, and completely unrealistic.

In any case, Sigur Ros’ Hoppípolla at the top of the list of songs I would love to go to sleep with forever. If I ever meet with an untimely death, I trust you know what to do.

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