Killing my Google+ accounts

I hate Google+. I hate it and all the limitations that come with it. And its limitations are why it can boast about its numbers but it can’t actually make a dent in the social networking space.

How many Gmail accounts does one person have? I’m willing to bet it’s more than two, and that’s not including work email accounts that are tied to Gmail.

I have three that I’m juggling. And according to Google, I’d have to create three separate Google+ accounts for the three emails that I have and I have to keep logging in and out of my separate accounts to access different Google products all the time.

Commenting on or liking a YouTube video is the worst when you realise you’re using your work account and you have to then switch to your personal account. I’ve stopped interacting with YouTube and using its liking, subscribing, and playlist features because of the hassle.

So I spent a few hours today messing around on Google+ and deleting things on the account without actually deleting the account. I had to jump through hoops in Picasa to delete my profile photo, but I’m so glad I can add a nickname to this account so that it’s evidently not in use.

Good Riddance

Good Riddance.

Come up with a better plan please, Google. I actually like some of your products.

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