I’m (still) 25!

Right now as I’m writing this, it is perfectly okay for me to tell people that I’m 25. Because I am. If I did that in a couple of hours – I’d seem like I was embarrassed about my age. That’s nuts.

It’s perfectly normal to feel like it’s an issue when it isn’t, but we’ll get used to being our new age and telling people what that number is. But I usually forget and it catches me off-guard when someone asks. I’ll think for a second or two but it won’t mean anything when I say the number out loud.

But then you get to the number 30. And you panic and freak out because where did the years go?

That’s what happened to my 25th year. So this year, I’m going to be 26 to the best of my ability to prevent that from happening. #YouAreOnly26ForOneYear

I was 23 here!

No it’s not my birthday here. But this photo makes me happy and I thought it’d fit the theme.

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