I have a 14-year old account that’s active and alive – with a username I created when I was twelve, so that says something about the kind of username it was.

I remember lots of time spent on learning HTML to fill this space, which was probably the most productive thing I’ve gotten out of Neopets.

Neopets Shop

The rest of the time was spent earning Neopoints by buying/selling things in the shop, completing Faerie quests, playing games, aiming for high scores and collecting avatars.

I rediscovered it awhile back and got more active when I joined a guild and made friends on the site to distract myself from my studies in uni…because I was already doing so well in school and I wanted to cut my fellow students a break.


So to learn that there is a possibility that Neopets might finally be shutting down or getting some really drastic change after all those years is pretty sad. But it’s likely it might be a change for the better so I’m hoping that’s what’s happening! So much nostalgia on there that it’s probably equivalent to what Pokemon means to me haha.

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