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There is no shame whatsoever to admit that I am embarrassed being me sometimes. Most of the time.

I should start by saying that my eating habits have taken a turn for the worse – I’ve been working from home and eating the junk that’s lying about the house.

So when Clif and I attended a trial session at a Gymnastic Strength Training class today that’s affiliated to my Pilates studio and next door to where I usually do my sweating, you can imagine that I had no idea what was in store for my empty stomach.

10 minutes into the training I was done. My throat was dry and I was getting nauseous. The instructors checked in with me to see if I was okay and I excused myself to get some water.

You should know that I didn’t make it back.

Instead, I got my ass on the floor next to the water dispenser in the changing area – because who cares about standing up when you’re feeling like death? I discovered soon that I could not feel my legs, and so I dragged my body across the floor to the bench nearby and began to get a throbbing headache.

In the end, I managed to tear up in front of my usual Pilates instructors and the Gym instructors there when they asked if I was okay. I mean, dude I cry watching Lion King (Spoiler Alert: Mufasa dies).

It’s not like I was sad or disappointed – it’s completely logical that it was too intense for my physical level – But the instructors felt like they had to justify that it wasn’t that I was weak or anything, the class had more men (I was the only female) and they are usually more physically fit so you know…

…which only made me feel bad for the poor instructor looking at this teary eyed girl and I explained to him that I completely understood that I was way in over my head when I signed up for the trial session and “I’d much rather stick to Pilates thanks very much lol”.

So…proper food? Pretty important to get some before you’re working out. I guess I had to learn that the hard way like how I learnt never to skip antibiotic doses. I’m only experimenting, right?!

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