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January 14, 2015


New year, new plans

The gym gets really crowded in January like how Christmas masses are always fully packed with once-a-year Catholics. I went for Christmas mass this year and I judged. I judged so badly I almost felt like a bad Christian.

But this brings me to my point on resolutions. We’re two weeks into the new year so everyone’s probably feeling fresh and optimistic. But let’s be real – resolutions aren’t just ‘made’. Resolutions have to be planned, scheduled and executed. I mean, let’s take a look at the Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Lose weight
2. Volunteer
3. Quit smoking
4. Save money
5. Get fit
6. Eat healthy

If you know marketing, you’d know that these goals are not in any way Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant or Time-bound. Which makes them pretty much useless because it just feels like you’re proposing marriage when we just met. Dude. Where’s your ring? Which HDB will we be getting?

I achieved so much in 2014 and that’s in part due to the number of things I signed up for at the beginning of the year. Planned, scheduled and executed.

Clif and I had made our weekends super productive. When we weren’t at work, we were at the gym, at pilates, at bowling lessons or salsa class every single week. It was a mad routine, but it was insanely productive.

Let’s try to be creatures of good habit this year. 2015 is going to be awesome!!