Wild, young and free? Maybe when I grow up.

Every few months or so, I tell myself that I’m young and healthy and happy and I should live like a youngish person and do something crazy like get a pixie cut or dye my hair crazy colours to experience what it’s like to #YOLO. After all, as much as I may avoid thinking about it, I’m not going to be young forever.

Every single time then, I sieve through tonnes of images on Tumblr and Pinterest and wherever you can think of, looking at images of gorgeous hairstyles and beautiful dyes that I’m never confident I can pull off, that I’m never confident I can live with.

So when I went to get a (very normal, very sensible) haircut in Taipei and the girl complimented how healthy my hair was, I took it and I bathed in the glory of never having done anything crazy.

Maybe next time.

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