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October 2014


Wild, young and free? Maybe when I grow up.

Every few months or so, I tell myself that I’m young and healthy and happy and I should live like a youngish person and do something crazy like get a pixie cut or dye my hair crazy colours to experience what it’s like to #YOLO. After all, as much as I may avoid thinking about it, I’m not going to be young forever.

Every single time then, I sieve through tonnes of images on Tumblr and Pinterest and wherever you can think of, looking at images of gorgeous hairstyles and beautiful dyes that I’m never confident I can pull off, that I’m never confident I can live with.

So when I went to get a (very normal, very sensible) haircut in Taipei and the girl complimented how healthy my hair was, I took it and I bathed in the glory of never having done anything crazy.

Maybe next time.


Well, fuck.

I don’t think my mother understands the gravity of the word ‘fuck’. And it’s weird, you know? Hearing your Asian parent use the profanity with such lightness. It’s kinda ugly.

Like hearing an ah lian being vulgar with so much ease and simplicity that it becomes really unpleasant? Like seeing teenager holding a cigarette like it’s just super cool?

Don’t get me wrong, there are some people that look good holding a cigarette. But those people belong in classic magazines and Mad Men, where the word ‘fuck’ is beautiful, and the idea of a cigarette seem to hold some complexity.

Profanity can be sophisticated. Just look at the diamond industry, make your vulgarity worth more. an era of wrecking balls, I’m not so sure. Am I crazy?