The Nuj

You, who can read my mind, the situation at hand and somehow get us both to paddle our way ashore. You, who I’ve learnt so much from and who I’ve learnt so much with. I don’t think any other person’s departure would make this much of an impact on my life. Just you.

That is, of all the people who could be leaving, I think you leaving is the worst. THE WORST. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you. Thinking about it makes me all kinds of emotional.

Our adventures at work, the battles we’ve chosen and the things we’ve stood up for.. all for the sake of doing the right thing. Everything we’ve done together because there was no one else..so we held on to each other to keep ourselves afloat.

But that’s why I know we’ll survive. Because even though we’re not working on the same projects at work and we’re not in the same timezone…we’re still looking to achieve the same things and we’ve got our own little pet project. And I know we’ll always be a click or a dial away.

There’s a mandarin saying that goes “有福同享,有难同当” that kinda means to share our happiness and difficulties together. I guess it helps to lighten the load and keep our heads in check.

Thanks for being that for me.

I’ll miss you.

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