My response to an angry teenager’s rant

Link to said teenager’s YouTube video

I hardly ever write comments on videos – and even lesser on videos I can’t finish watching but this is incredible. I cannot believe how deluded and hypocritical you are. If Singapore is lacking in originality, you have the chance to be the original one, you have the chance to be a creative Singaporean, to put us on the map. Instead, you choose to shoot your mouth on how the country’s education system is a problem. If you think it’s a problem, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Take lessons and harvest your choice of interest and passion. Anthony Chen did that. He didn’t sit and whine about how hard it was to be a filmmaker in Singapore, he went out and became it. What are YOU doing about it? Complaining. Good job, you! You’re definitely not Singaporean then! One of a kind!

Living in Australia is not as breezy as you think. You think you can just grab a cab out there in Oz when it’s late at night and walk along the streets of Melbourne or Sydney alone on a Saturday night? Cabs are considered a luxury in some places, and so is safety. Open your mind and don’t be so narrow.

That’s all I got from your video because I couldn’t bring myself to hear you talk about what you don’t know.

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