The Rise of the Blogger


Being a blogger is hard work. It’s basic, but blogging requires skills too. A well-rounded blogger knows that skills in business, journalism, photography and some fashion sense will go far in this cut-throat industry. This 10-day course consists of the following topics:

Journalism: This is the story of your life after all. Let’s be real, you need to be able to write well and at least craft a story about your life so that people will be entertained and inspired by it. Developing a personality is crucial in becoming a blogger, but if that’s difficult, you will learn to fake one. Aim for chirpy, optimistic personalities like Galadarling for best effect.

Public Relations & Media Law: Expect freebies. Those advertorials and sponsorships will come rolling in after you’ve become an “influencer” and you’ll need to be able to manage their requests. Plus, you’ll need a crisis management plan. How can you ‘reblog’ content without being accused of plagiarism? Can you use photographs you got off Google? What’s the best way to avoid a lawsuit? (Original Idea: Your account might have gotten hacked.)

Marketing/Advertising: You’re basically writing a long-form copy ad everytime you’re writing a blog. You’re marketing the beauty of being You. Not to mention all those advertorials you’re going to have to write, some brands actually don’t write those posts for you to copy and paste into your own blog.

Business: Earn lots of money so that you can continue living the dream. You need to be self-sustainable too right? Those Louboutins don’t come cheap.

Acting/Modeling/Directing: Some days you feel like crap, and life becomes quite mundane. But it is your duty to make those days look glamorous, goddammit. Look into the distance, not at the camera. Let’s inject some blur into this shot so it looks a little more thoughtful and nostalgic, a little sentimentality.



Photography: Of course, it’s probably better if you have a best friend who you can count on to take these photos of your life for you since he/she is always there just hanging around like a shadow. However, if you have none you can depend on, you can always hire one or learn to take your own shots using a tripod.


Photo editing: Some people would say this is best done by a professional. I disagree. Who cares about whether that zit is smoothened out or not more than you? So learn some basic skills of concealment on Adobe. Bonus points if you learn to use some filters to add effects on your shots.

On the last day, you will deepen your learning in specialised fields, according to your interests. You can pursue one of five specialisation options to become a: Food blogger, Fashion blogger, Beauty blogger, Travel blogger or Mummy blogger.

Requirements: Overwhelming passion for blogging. You blog because it’s your passion. Your life is your passion. You can’t imagine a day where you can’t get onto WordPress to talk about your life. Eh. Wait. Huh? Er..But I’m not going to lie..it’s incredibly competitive. If you think you can’t take the stress of a high powered career, you definitely should not take part in this workshop.


Satirical piece. Obviously. Time spent away from work means time spent writing rubbish.

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