Jolly Christmas

Just a couple more minutes to Christmas and I find myself sitting at home. A screen before me, another in front of my father (National Geographic), one more in front of my mum (Channel 8). Nothing special this year, but I’m actually grateful. This is Christmas. This is real. No glittery bullshit, no partying like there’s no tomorrow. The Chungs are as sentimental and as romantic as a calculator.

Thing is, I’ve always loved Christmas. Just the idea of it – so nostalgic, so festive, and very very pretty. I realise now that when it comes around, I’ve actually never had amazing Christmases. There’s too much hype, too much hope. Eventually when it comes to it, I’m left with what’s really just another day. I remember writing about this exact sentiment 4 years ago.

Nothing’s changed. But I’m sure tomorrow will be better.

Merry Christmas.

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