I remember how I felt, I remember how i fell

How odd it was to be so honest with a stranger. But I remember thinking how comfortable I felt, how pleasant it was just talking to you. I remember then thinking that it was such a shame that you had a girlfriend. Strange to think that there was once a time, just a couple of months ago, when we were both unfamiliar.

You were adorable and I had a crush on you. Your old fashioned dates were lovely and sweet. Your text messages drew smiles on my lips. I remember being in bed, smiling because I knew you. I remember how I felt like I was living in a love song, like things were starting to come together, like serendipity.

Thank you for being you, thanks for being 29 years old and you. Thanks for being crazy and childish and annoying and lame. Thanks for being a sensitive new age guy, thanks for being you. Thanks for being affectionate and adoring and cute. Thanks again for being you.

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