Dear Vera

First of all, I’d like you to know that everything in your life is going as planned. You’ve made some silly decisions, but you were never wrong. Everything ‘wrong’ you’ve done in your life has led you to here, to now. It’s brought you to where you are right at this moment.

Everywhere you went, you’ve seen something new. Everything you did, you experienced something new. There will be more to come, and you don’t have to worry about running out of things to do. Life is like that, nothing is ever the same. Always remember to accept change as it comes. You may not like it very much, but change keeps it interesting, and keeps you interested.

Third, happy birthday. You are an adult now. You are now able to get married, watch porn, gamble in a casino, and go to jail. That doesn’t sound too appealing, but no matter. Being twenty one will be no more different than being eighteen. Granted, time is supposed to fly by more quickly, but Einstein’s theory of relativity mentioned no such thing, so pay no heed to that. Instead, focus on the more important things in life. Age is subjective, and unimportant.

Be like a child, they have the best of everything. Remember how it is like to believe in the impossible, remember to question the world, and don’t forget to be silly once in awhile.

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