In summary

May 2009 – January 2010: I graduated from school with my diploma in hand, set to do anything I wanted. While most of my friends began their newly paved journeys to getting their degrees, local and abroad, I decided to wait.

For reasons unknown even to me, I decided to take a break. It was an unplanned recess in which I accomplished a lot but did very little.

I made new friends, took driving lessons, got together with an old love, found an internship, broke up, became puffy-eyed and skinny, failed my first driving test, made even more friends, missed my old friends, travelled to bangkok with my new friends, failed my second driving test, and made sense of the stars and the clouds.

Present, 2010:  After deferring my studies for a year, I’m now preparing to be thrown back in to school in a completely new environment.

Hello, Australia.

It is approximately two weeks until school begins.

Social awkwardness, assignments, examinations and projects await.

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