It’s the thought that counts, right?

When I was 14 years old, the adults in my family decided that shopping for presents for the kids was too difficult and all together just too exhausting.

Gift-shopping with my mom was a part of Christmas I looked forward to when I was a kid, but since then, I’ve never taken up the habit of giving anybody gifts on Christmas.

Not my parents, nor my brother and his wife.

Not that Christmas should be about gifts and presents, but my Christmases were hardly exciting after that.

I finally decided that this year, on my 20th Christmas, I’ll be taking up this daunting task of gift-giving. Gifts for my family, gifts for my closest friends.

One gift once a year shouldn’t be so hard. A present that says thanks for being there, and hey, here’s to all the laughs, and I hope you know that I appreciate you being there.

This past week was tiring to say the least. Shopping is tough when you have a list and when you have less than enough money for yourself. Also, how do you decide if someone in your life deserves a gift or not?

More shopping to be done..Gift-giving is hard.

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