2009: you love too much, you lose yourself in the midst of all of it

2009 might not have been what I expected, but I regret nothing

Just awhile ago I was thinking about how uneventful this year was, but after re-visiting my previous post about my accomplishments at work, looking at your comments about it, and then looking at my new social experiences, I realise that it’s been a pretty cool year after all.

I’ve done everything I’ve wanted, and I’m now here, where I’m supposed to be.

And although to you it might seem childish, melodramatic and maybe slightly campy, here’s what I think this year was about, like a secret the universe whispered in my ear. (My left ear – wait, is this what schizophrenia is like?)

Everything is going as planned. You did a good job this year, keep going and know that wherever you are, you are wherever you are supposed to be and everything is working out the way it should.

Don’t think so much. 2010 awaits, and it’s going to be exciting.

For you too.

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