Scientifically proven: Exercise is good for you

I had an epiphany this week. Or perhaps it was sudden fear when I found out from the nurse that I had gained 2kgs, with my irregular eating and late night hunger pangs.

Or maybe it was the persistent sound of my father’s nagging, grumbling at the waste of two very pretty running shoes decaying in the storeroom.

So last night, I dusted off my old, but unused Nikes and headed out the door with my iPod Touch.

Jogging at 11pm at night along the stretch of the Kallang river is definitely recommended if you’re not someone who likes jogging. Or exercising.

It is dark and no one cares if you look like you’re dying. The night breeze is cool, refreshing and makes jogging seem like a relaxing activity – for a while at least.

Now let’s just hope this lasts.

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