In 2019, we got a flat!
In 2020, we expected to be picking dates, shortlisting guests, and kicking off our shoes with a dance party.

TOO Easy, I expected too little. 2020 is EVEN MORE AMAZING.

I get to have a legitimate excuse for “When is the wedding/housewarming?”

In 2019, LCube was fully funded and free for schools!
In 2020, I expected to see Clif lugging his game materials and getting a headache from prepubescent screaming.

NO WAY. Instead I get to watch Clif pick up a new skill and learn 3D modeling.. then proceed to create a new platform for teachers who want to create augmented reality content without coding skills, for free.

In 2019, I built a routine teaching schedule!
Err.. In 2020, I expected to carry on.

BUT THAT’S TOO LOW TECH. Instead I get to learn to be more comfortable talking and teaching Pilates to students through a computer. And I get to dedicate more time to my parents’ business.

And we’re only in April?! So much has happened!!


Dying might be painful

But death is only painful to the living.


Picking and Packing

I’ve been trying to clear my wardrobe in preparation of the big move out. Decided not to do two built ins because of my indecisiveness and inability to commit that extra space in the study so C and I only have ONE built in wardrobe between us in the master bedroom AND it’s smaller than my current wardrobe.

The plan is to buy one off the shelf if we need it – ideally we won’t – IF I am successful at whittling down my clothes. I have very little confidence that I will be able to do this but I just can’t commit to the second wardrobe until we move in and unpack. Perhaps a chest of drawers will do? Let’s see.

Eh how come it’s so hard to get rid of clothes?! I’ve even had Marie Kondo on Netflix to get myself in the mood but even after getting rid of two full bags, my wardrobe still looks pretty much the same leh.


Purchasing a Projector: Philips Picopix Max

I’ve been procrastinating on a few things for the house. Probably due to my own laziness and inability to commit to making big purchases.

We decided that we weren’t going to get a television, so that has helped us save on the cost of a TV and a console. We were keen to get a projector since we’re both part of the streaming generation anyway – but we had no idea how expensive projectors are!

Stumbled upon the Philips Picopix Max indiegogo campaign today and got my credit card out within 10 mins flat.

I don’t have good experiences with crowdfunding (looking at you, coolest cooler), but this is under Philips, and shouldn’t be so bad right?

Excited for this now. It supports Netflix, will connect with Philips HUE (though we don’t have any Hue bulbs yet), and has plans to integrate with Sonos speakers!


Men in Singapore doing Pilates

Recently saw an article about male athletes doing Pilates and I thought I’d share my experience of teaching guys in Singapore who have done Pilates!

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Even though Pilates seems to attract a lot more females, my male students are usually the ones who are the most intrigued about Pilates.

Perhaps it’s because most of them are typical fitness buffs who work out at the gym doing the usual weight training thing, strength to them always comes at a cost of flexibility.

When they come to BodyTree and try out our Mobility Fitness Assessment, most of them find that the strength training that they’ve been doing actually impedes their ability to move well, and in most cases, the exercises that they’ve been doing has actually not activated the muscles that they’re meant to fire.

But in a gym setting where the more weights you load, the merrier.. our bodies has no choice but to compensate in ways that allow us to do whatever we demand of it.

Ever felt more quads than hamstrings and glutes in a squat or deadlift? More delts or upper traps than mid traps in a row? Or more neck and lower back in abdominals work?

These are usually the most common compensations I’ve seen. (Not exclusive to males, of course! Most of my female students have more dominant quads – and if you’re doing Barre you’d understand what I mean!!)

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Running, rock climbing, basketball, football, tennis, bowling, taekwondo.. you name it, these men are always trying to keep active. And maybe that’s why they decided to pick up Pilates, because they’re always looking for ways to improve in their movement.

However, because of their very active lifestyles, they’ve also usually got a list of injuries from all those compensations over the years..

So they are usually always incredibly appreciative and excited about their progress, especially after feeling how it helps them improve in their strength and flexibility and seeing the results in their sport.

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Once you gain an awareness of your muscles and your body, it really helps you to feel secure that whatever you’re doing in the gym is actually going to benefit the correct muscle group that you intend to work.


Digital locks from Zansan

Omg finally installing our digital gate lock.

But holy shit.





I feel really bad for my neighbours who are at home in the day. Really hope none of them have babies.

It’s been a painful process but I’m so glad it’s just freaking over now and we managed to get this digital lock installed!

Got the locks from Darius from Zansan, who was kind and helped answer all my questions when we were deciding on how to fix the panel on our gate.

We got the Schlage-S510 for both the gate and the door after looking at so many others.

Schlage is apparently the leading lock brand in USA, but the lock itself is made in Korea.

My only requirement was that it had fingerprint access because I don’t want to have to hide while typing in a number code every single time I went home.

The Schlage 510 for the gate and door had:

✅Fingerprint access

✅RFID (card) access

✅Pin codes

And it was a bonus that their access card unlocks both gate and door at the same time and it’s voice guided so it’s easy to set up. Also, it looks pretty sleek in black and is short and slim unlike some others I had seen (Samsung).

It’s now $999 on Lazada but we managed to get it at COMEX at a promotional price of $899 🥰


Standing in the train and trying to conserve my energy. There are so many things to do and I feel drained today. Fridays are tough, purely for the commute.

I chose not to drive today because my morning PT cancelled and I had such a bad time sleeping. I think because I cleared a bit of my wardrobe yesterday, some dust probably filled the room so I woke up in the middle of the night with a really itchy left eye and my nose was leaking.

Feeling a little bit off today like I’m dreaming as I’m standing here in the train. Here’s my stop.


Thieves! Criminals! …Dad?

Sometimes we get requests for old newspapers, books, electronics and clothes for donation and fundraising purposes in our flat and because I’m moving out of my parents’ and into my future home, I’m actively finding ways to get rid of stuff.

So when I saw that my mother had left old newspapers outside, I decided to toss some old clothes into a large lululemon bag and a laundry bag at my door to contribute to this donation.

When I got out of the house I realized that the lululemon bag of old clothes was gone but everything else was still sitting there.

What the heck?! Did someone just take the lululemon bag of clothes that I wanted to donate?!

Omg I was so annoyed. But I was a bit confused at my annoyance because what if they really would benefit from my old clothes? But it’s not right man! I felt cheated for the people I was donating to.

I texted everyone I could complain and fuss to.

Then I decided to check with my dad if he took it.

He did.

He took it to see if his employees would want them.




Wow I had no idea this can be lifted up. Is it because they haven’t turned on the gas yet? The gas installer came by and tried to open the section above the oven but when it refused to budge, he just lifted up the stove. 😳 Haha

Also, this is the first time I’m directly posting on WordPress on mobile! Decided I would port all my content and journaling from Dayre to here now that Dayre is charging platform subscription fees.

I will miss having an active community of homeowners and girls but 3.50 a month is really damn chor. And now that I’ve developed a habit of journaling, I’d really like to continue – without paying $42 a year for it!!

Will have to pay for the first month though since I haven’t actually finished transferring my content.

I’ve been hanging out at the house since this morning waiting for different groups of people to come and work on the remaining bits of the house.

The washing machine and dishwasher installers, citygas installer, my own contractor and his men, and now I’m waiting for our dining table delivery from Castlery and the pest management guys.

We decided to do an ULV misting throughout the house to make sure there aren’t any bugs that have moved in, and hopefully prevent any future issues with pests. 🤞🏼I hope to keep the cockroaches to a minimum. But the pest management people came by and told me that I should do the treatment a few days before I move in proper rather than now when there is still movement around the house. Okaaay.

I’m so tired of standing on my feet but there isn’t a lot of space for me to sit in the house and its all dusty again from all the rectification works. Castlery delivery is late!! They’ve got to be here by 5pm because I’ve got to leave for a 6pm PT.